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How do I use the RSS Feed Button?

If you do not have an RSS reader installed, you will see XML content on the webpage when you click on the RSS button. You may copy and paste the URL (at the top of the page) into an RSS reader to receive the content in the feed. The URL that you copy is the website link located at the top of the page, when you click on the RSS Feed button. Please note, if you are using Internet Explorer, a 'subscribe to this feed' link is shown, which can be clicked on.

Event Subscriptions

Simply copy the URL links from the topics below to receive a subscription feed on your own personal calendar. You may wish to sync calendar events in programs such as Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

How to Sync Events to Your Personal Calendar

Sync to Outlook
  1. Copy the iCal subscription link
  2. Open your Outlook program and click on the Calendar tab
  3. Right click 'Other Calendar' and scroll down to 'Add Calendar'
  4. Select the 'From Internet' in the dropdown list
  5. Paste the iCal subscription link and press OK
  6. Click 'Advanced' if you wish to change the subscription Folder Name or click 'Yes' if you wish to keep the subscription listed as 'Halton Catholic District School Board'
  7. Your new subscription will show on your calendar when you make it visible
Sync to Google Calendar
  1. Copy the iCal subscription link
  2. Open Google Calendar and select the arrow beside ‘Other Calendars’
  3. Select ‘Add by URL’ from the dropdown and paste your iCal subscription link into the space provided
  4. Click ‘Add Calendar’
  5. Your new subscription will show on your calendar when you make it visible
Sync to Apple iCal
  1. Click on the iCal subscription link of your choice
  2. Click on the subscription download once it is complete, and it will automatically open in Apple iCal
  3. Select a destination calendar from the dropdown or create a new one
  4. New subscription will be available with your preexisting list
Unsubscribe Options
  1. Outlook: You may wish to unsubscribe by right clicking the calendar in your 'Other Calendars' section and select Delete Calendar. This will automatically delete your subscription
  2. Google Calendar: Select the arrow on 'Other Calendars', click on Settings and Unsubscribe listed beside the specific Calendar you wish to remove
  3. Apple iCal: Right click the calendar subscription and select Delete


Subscription Categories iCal Subscription Link
​Special Education Events[]=142649
French Program Events[]=142650

Grade 8 Parent Information Nights[]=142647    ​

Advanced Placement (AP)
Information Sessions[]=142645   ​   
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Information Sessions[]=142646      

Multicultural Events[]=142648       

Upcoming Community Events[]=142223

P.A. Days - All Schools[]=142225

Important Dates - Elementary Only[]=142219

Important Dates - Secondary Only[]=142218

Secondary Examinations[]=142220

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Tests (OSSLT)[]=142699
Important Dates - Elementary and Secondary[]=142226
Religious Dates[]=142643

Board Meetings, Policy Meetings, Council of Chair Meetings, Town Hall Meetings[]=142640

Full-Day Kindergarten[]=142227

Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (CPIC) Events[]=142642

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Events[]=142641
System-Wide Athletics[]=142644

Grade 3 EQAO[]=142651  

Grade 6 EQAO[]=142652   ​

Grade 9 EQAO[]=142221    ​   


 Other Stories

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