Tax Eligibility Information 

Register as a Catholic School Supporter

By ensuring you are a registered Catholic school supporter you

  • are protecting and preserving Catholic education in Ontario
  • you are provided the opportunity to elect your school board trustees
  • are ensuring that your municipalities assessment base is up-to-date, which is a public record of support for Catholic schools

Separate school support is an important step when registering at the Halton Catholic District School Board. At both the elementary and secondary school levels, Roman Catholic parents, ratepayers and members of the Eastern Rite are encouraged to declare their support for Catholic schools. This declaration ensures that your municipality's assessment base is up-to-date, and serves as a public record of support for Catholic schools; confirming that the publicly funded Catholic school system is strongly wanted and needed in Ontario.

If you are unsure if you are a Catholic School Supporter, you can check your property tax bill, talk to your landlord or call MPAC at 1-866-296-6722. 

If you have recently moved, ensure that your child’s school is aware so that the appropriate changes are made and school support can be directed accordingly.

Electronic Direction of School Support Forms

Direction of School Support forms are available below. All forms must be signed and dated by hand.

The Direction of School Support form is for all homeowners/tenants who would like to direct their support to the Catholic Board. 

The Separate School Lease Agreement form is only for homeowners/tenants who are not both Roman Catholic, but both wish to have their school support tax directed to the Catholic Board. This form must be signed and dated by hand and must be accompanied by a Direction of School Support form. 

Form Submission Options

1. Mail completed forms to:
    Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
    P.O. Box 9808
    Toronto, ON, M1S 5T9

2. Electronically submit completed, hand signed and scanned forms directly to MPAC via their website.

3. Drop off completed forms at any Halton Catholic District School Board elementary or secondary school.

If you have any questions related to Direction of School Support and/or the form completion/submission process, please email